On the oncoming of electronic games, Galapagos Jogos is proud to provide products and services that enhance the interaction among people in the most natural and traditional way possible.
We are talking about total involvement, board games that inspire players in a new reality and bring back the pleasure of sitting at a table, or even on the floor, with friends, for moments of pure joy.

The Galapagos Jogos Company was created with the intention of reviving the market of board games in Brazil with creative, innovative concepts and high quality standards.

Some games that we've published in Brazil:


In a world where entertainment has become synonym to electronic games, players interaction has ended up aside.
The truth of the matter is that having fun does not necessarily require a video-game or a cell phone, or even a cutting-edge computer. In fact, you don't even need electricity, just like when everybody had fun playing hide-and-seek, tag or any other traditional playful activity.

The main reason for that is the interaction with the other "players". This is what really matters. Hence the Poker "fever" that we observe around the world and the games from relationship websites, that lack technological progress, but allow much more interaction among friends, providing guaranteed fun!

With this spirit in mind that Galapagos intends to help the current landscape of board games in Brazil, creating innovative, agile, smart and creative games that spread out entertainment to more and more people.

Gather your friends, family, colleagues, classmates and have a blast with games that will test your limits of strategy, cooperation, bluffing and agility!

Some of our international partners:

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